Welcome to our virtual shop where you can easily find and buy your favourite specialities among our wide range of products.

Our products are a result of our search for the "best taste", an aim achieved through a careful selection of ingredients and our long tradition in confectionery combined with our unique creativity.

Made with traditional manual techniques, each product offers you a "unique flavour", you can taste our commitment in every detail.



Our aim is to offer the best in taste and our production techniques are based on our aim to offer the best in taste and our careful control of each production step, carried out by qualified personnel and satisfy the most demanding consumers who have shown appreciation of our creations for many years.


Jelly sweets are poured only by hand, as well as cookies and chocolates.

Thanks to manual pouring, our chocolates preserve the delicacy of high-quality hand made products. In our commitment to quality, we never use mass production techniques, not even in packaging our products, which are wrapped by hand.


We offer high-quality products and create each single product in accordance with its special characteristics.
This means that all our production techniques are designed to best emphasize the typical features of our specialities.


This choice may appear anachronistic but we know it is the only way to reach high quality results.

Our products are sold on line and through a small number of highly qualified resellers who have collaborated with us for many years.

This synergy with our customers has been the base for the development of our current products and will continue to be an important aspect for future our creations.